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AirPods Pro can now boost other people’s voices during conversations

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It can sometimes come across as rude when you leave your earbuds in while chatting with someone. However, those with now have a better reason for keeping them on during conversations, particularly if they have mild hearing difficulties.

Apple has rolled out the latest AirPods firmware, which includes for AirPods Pro and . As noted by , AirPods Pro users can now take advantage of the Conversation Boost feature the company revealed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this summer. The earbuds can use built-in microphones to amplify the volume of people you’re speaking with. You can reduce ambient noise too.

Once your AirPods Pro are running the latest firmware (Apple installs AirPods updates automatically), you can turn on the feature by going to the Accessibility menu in the Settings on your connected iPhone or iPad. From there, tap Audio/Visual, then Headphone Accommodations and switch on Transparency Mode. You can then enable Conversation Boost.

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