Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Apple opens its Detroit Developer Academy to 100 students

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Apple has opened its Developer Academy in Detroit, first announced early this year as part of its Racial Equity and Justice initiative. The project, done in collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU), has welcomed its first 100 students aged 18 to 60 for a 10-month “comprehensive app development and entrepreneurial training” program, Apple wrote in a newsroom post

The custom-designed space is located in the First National Building in downtown Detroit. Apple noted that enrollment is free and that students don’t need any previous coding experience. “Students in this year’s class bring a breadth of personal, professional and academic experience to the program,” it said. 

The Academy will run two courses. The first is a 30-day introductory program, and the main, 10-month course teaches iOS app development and associated fields, such as design and marketing. Technically, it actually opened a bit earlier this fall for a four-week basic coding course run for a “smaller cohort of community partners,” Apple said. The academy expects roughly 1,000 people to complete the courses annually. 

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