Friday, May 27, 2022

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What is Android Auto? how does it work.

Android Auto is a mobile app developed by Google to mirror features of an Android device, such as a smartphone, on a car's dashboard information and entertainment head unit. Once an Android device is paired with the car's head unit, the system can mirror some apps on the vehicle's display

Netflix has made a big change.

Netflix movies have also been disappearing from the streamer over the last few years — in a huge way. As a count of fact, the diploma to which Netflix has pared down its film library may actually surprise

6 Best Mobile CRM Apps for 2022

The great Mobile CRM Apps (Customer relationship management) cellular apps permit you to control leads, song deals, replace income pipelines, speak together along

Google Play Users In Russia Can No Longer Update Or Download...

Google Play has commenced blocking off the downloading of paid apps and updates to paid apps in Russia. Google in the Q&A of its assist article said, “you can nonetheless publish new free apps, and update present free apps. Updates to paid apps are blocked for compliance reasons.”

How to block spam texts on your iPhone?

Very few of us escape the nuisance of spam texts. Not only are unwanted text messages extremely annoying, but in many cases, they are a scam. This guide explains how you can fight back and reduce the number of spam text messages and phishing texts you receive.

Chinese hackers hack VLC Player.

VLC player is a fairly popular media player. The fact that it takes minimal space on PCs, loads faster...

WordPress Plugins That’ll Supercharge Your SEO

Have you heard about SEO WordPress Plugins ? They are essential tools to complement the features of a website...

12 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2021

Best Affiliate , you’ve got one thing on your mind: performance. To get the best performance for your affiliate...

The Best Android Apps for 2022

here are some Best Android Apps Android tablets and phones are technological marvels that entertain, let you work from any location, and keep...

Ready to Video Chat? How to Group FaceTime

Still chatting with just one person on FaceTime? That’s old-school. Since 2018, Apple's video call tool has supported chatting...

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What is Google Nest Wi-Fi and how dose it work?

Everyone ask What is Google nest so here is the article. Google Nest is a line of smart home products...