Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Chrome is testing a feature that groups pages you visit by topic

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is with a couple of features that could help you continue research into a topic and compare the page you’re on with other search results. The Journeys feature could give you to keep track of what you look up.

The tool automatically collates pages and information related to the same topic, which would save you from looking through your history manually or creating a bookmarks folder with all of those sites. Chrome will also provide search suggestions to bolster your research. 

The groups are saved locally and aren’t synced with your account, so you can’t access them across devices. This may change in the future, though. You can switch off the feature at any time and clear journey-specific browsing history.

Journeys could come in useful if you spend several weeks planning a trip or trying to figure out what car to buy. The feature is only available in the Chrome Canary build on desktop for now. You can find your Journeys within the history section (or enter chrome://history/journeys on the address bar).

In addition, Google is testing a side panel for search. When you click a link after searching for something, a G icon will appear next to the Chrome address bar. If you click that, you’ll see other results for that search in a side panel. That will let you compare the page you’re on with other results without having to juggle multiple tabs or move back and forth between pages.

For the time being, this feature is being tested in the Chrome OS Dev channel with Google Search. If Google ends up rolling out the tool more broadly, it plans to bring the side panel to more platforms and add support for other default search engines.

Those aren’t the only updates Google has planned for Chrome in the near future. Google Lens is in the coming months.

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