EA games
EA games

EA games say NFTs have emitted in prevalence lately as a way of purchasing and sell advanced just workmanship and collectible things.

EA makes the Fifa football series, which employments “card packs” to “gather” players in its Ultimate Team mode.

CEO Andrew Wilson told financial backers he accepts Fifa players need to see NFTs in the establishment.

“[Players] need more modalities at play inside the game, which go past straight 11-on-11 football,” he told an income call.

EA games
EA games says NFTs are important for the eventual fate of games industry

“They need more computerized encounters outside the game – esports, NFTs, more extensive games utilization and they need us to move incredibly rapidly.”

But he also said that NFT ideas were “still really, really early” and came with a “a lot of hype”.

“It’s still early to kind of figure out how that’s going to work,” he warned.

‘Disruptive’ and controversial

Bringing NFTs into gaming is sometimes presented as an idea called “play to earn”, based around the idea that unique digital items can increase in value over time – and be sold off later for profit.

PC Gamer reports that recent job listings at EA have included references to NFTs and the underlying technology they run on, the blockchain.

But the idea is controversial among gamers.

Major PC gaming platform Steam has banned blockchain and NFT-based games from its platform, while its rival Epic has not.

Some game designers believe the concept is bad for gaming overall, but other studios – including major player Ubisoft – are apparently embracing the idea.

Games industry examiner Piers Harding-Rolls from Ampere said NFT and blockchain games “are new problematic powers inside the games area”.

He said all significant distributers would be checking out the capability of these configurations to bring in cash – and “EA is no exemption”.

“It would be awful business practice not to investigate what these advances could mean for its current business,” he said.