Thursday, January 27, 2022

Epic Games Store is getting a proper achievement system next week

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Nearly three years after coming out to take on Steam, the Epic Games Store is about to get more robust support for achievements. Starting next week, you’ll have the chance to earn XP by completing specific tasks in select games. Some of the titles that will support the feature out of the gate include Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity and Alan Wake Remastered, with more to come later in the year.

Epic’s system includes four tiers of achievements, with each level granting you a different amount of XP. For instance, in unlocking a bronze-level accomplishment, you’ll earn between five and 45 XP, while a gold one will net you as much as 200 XP. Once you accrue 1,000 XP in a single game, you’ll earn its platinum achievement.

With the update, Epic is also rolling out new pages where you can track and share the progress you’re making towards unlocking all the goals in a specific game. You’ll also see that information displayed through the library interface.

One thing to note is that this new system is different from the developer achievements Epic implemented about a year ago. That system will continue to be there for developers who don’t want to engage with the new one, though the company says it expects “this new system will roll out [to] all developers on the Epic Games Store in the coming months.”  

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