Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 4

Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 . Its a well known fact that smartwatches are an expansion of our cell phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is no exemption. Has smarts like answering to messages, however it additionally permits you to pay attention to your beloved music track on your watch. What’s more, as you might have expected, you can likewise add some applications to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Furthermore, presently, since the Watch 4 depends on WearOS, the activity is clear.

Interestingly, there are many applications that you can introduce on the Galaxy Watch 4—from wellness applications like Strava and Adidas Running to watch-face applications like Facer or music streaming applications like Spotify. The rundown continues. Introducing these applications isn’t excessively complicated, and you can finish them in a jiffy.

So, if you are looking to increase the functionality of your smartwatch beyond the normal, here’s how you can add apps to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


On account of the WearOS, introducing and working applications on the Watch is straightforward. As a rule, introducing the application on the telephone will naturally introduce something very similar on the watch. In any case, that is not valid for all applications. For instance, applications like Facer needs manual mediation to introduce the buddy application on the watch.

Normally, both the Watch and the telephone need to have a similar Google record to match up the record information and application data.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone, scroll down, and hit the Store button.

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How to Add Apps to Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 4

Scroll through the apps and then hit the Install button for the app you want.

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How to Add Apps to Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 5

The benefit of this strategy is that the Store shows applications with a watch partner. Normally, this makes it simple to look for viable applications.


The astuteness of your new watch implies you can likewise introduce applications straightforwardly on your watch. The Play Store is accessible just after you swipe up on the home screen.

You should simply look for a viable application and introduce it. On the watch, the interface is a lot of little, which makes it hard to know the application. Simultaneously, hitting the right fastens can be somewhat difficult.

If that’s a problem for you, you can always use the easy route and install using the paired phone.


Fortunately erasing applications from the Watch 4 is a basic undertaking and doesn’t take in excess of several taps.

You should simply swipe up on the home screen to open the Apps page. Presently, just long tap on the application you need to eliminate until you see the brief.

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How to Add Apps to Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 6

Now, just hit the Uninstall button.

Apart from apps, you can also add music to your smartwatch. This allows you to connect your wireless earphones to the watch directly and leave your phone at home.

How to Add Apps to Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4