Friday, January 28, 2022

JLab’s $79 wireless office headset has a removable earcup and a 60-hour battery

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JLab is best known for its very low-cost wireless earbuds, but it’s determined to make a name for itself in the office as well. The brand has introduced a $79 JBuds Work headset that promises quite a few perks despite the budget price. The over-ear audio boasts a removable earcup (important for listening to colleagues, a simultaneous two-device connection and a claimed 60-hour “worktime” battery life — you could theoretically use this through an entire five-day work week without plugging in, even if there’s some overtime.

The JBuds Work also offer noise cancellation (albeit with a total of just two mics), a wired option and automatic answering and hang-ups when you flip the mic boom. You can flip the equalizer between music and voice modes for those moments when you’re more interested in tuning out than taking calls.

The headset is available to order now. Whether or not it lives up to the battery life claims, the price is difficult to ignore — it’s easy to pay significantly more for headsets with similar or fewer features.

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Author Jon Fingas on date 2021-10-06 15:58:15


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