Monday, December 6, 2021

‘League of Legends’ champion Jinx arrives in ‘Fortnite’

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This article first show on engadget

Game marketing is creating more strange bedfellows. Epic Games is adding League of Legends champion Jinx to Fortnite today (November 4th) at 8PM Eastern, just ahead of her debut in the Netflix series Arcane on November 6th. She’ll be available in the battle royale shooter’s Item Shop alongside themed gear like a pickaxe, spray, Back Bling, a lobby soundtrack and loading screens.

It’s not a one-way partnership, either. Riot Games is bringing League of Legends, Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant to the Epic Games Store. This won’t matter much if you’re a fan (you probably downloaded those games a long time ago), but it might expose some Fortnite players to Riot’s titles.

Epic has been rapidly expanding its gaming-themed expansions in recent months. It just added two Resident Evil heroes in late October, and previous updates have added characters from the likes of God of War, Halo and Street Fighter. However, the League of Legends update is unique as a tie-in for a streaming TV series — it’s about as convenient a promotional tool as you can get.

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This article first show on engadget
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