Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lego adds ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ sets to its Super Mario World collection

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Now that Luigi is part of Lego Super Mario, the toymaker is ready to show the other heroic plumber a little more respect. Lego has introduced a trio of Luigi’s Mansion expansion sets that give its namesake star more to do in a game designed with him in mind.

The $30 Lab and Poltergust set helps you get started with Luigi’s ghost vacuum, while a $40 Entryway set introduces you to the mansion proper as well as Polterpup and the game series’ Boo ghosts. Splurge on the $80 Haunt-and-Seek kit and you can create a full-fledged level, complete with hidden gems and rotating hallways. As you’d expect, you can combine the sets or mix them with other Lego Super Mario packs.

The timing is off. Lego may be announcing the Luigi’s Mansion sets on Halloween, but they won’t be available until January 1st, 2022. It’s a missed opportunity, then, but you might not mind if you or or your kids enjoy the existing Super Mario collections and want more variety. If nothing else, this will provide fond memories for anyone who remembers collecting ghosts in Luigi’s games.

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This article first show on engadget
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