Thursday, October 28, 2021

Manny MUA Shares the Beauty of Working as a YouTube Star

And yet his favorite part about being a YouTube sensation, makeup artist, beauty pioneer and now podcast host, having recently launched Fool Coverage with fellow influencer and BFF Laura Lee, is the opportunity to, uh, make up his own schedule. 

“I would say definitely the freedom that it gives me,” he admits in an exclusive interview with E! News, “because I love getting to kind of just do whatever it is I want. Mind you, of course I’m still very aware and I plan things out and I’m still busy as f–k, but it’s stuff that I enjoy doing for the most part.”

Like, say, testing out swatches for Lunar Beauty, the company he founded in 2018, “because I felt like the aesthetic of what I liked, I didn’t see out in the makeup space.” Or spending 90 some minutes shooting the s–t with Lee about what’s going on in their industry.

And, of course, there’s time in between to hit the gym, order Postmates and spend hours scrolling through YouTube vids. The 30-year-old beauty sensation walks E! News through each step (skincare routine included!) of a recent day. 

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