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Finally, a McRib that you can enjoy year-round.

The serially limited-edition sandwich returns to McDonald’s menus on Nov. 1. And to celebrate the iconic meal’s 40th anniversary, the burger chain is giving away 10 exclusive McRib NFTs, aka non-fungible tokens.

The “seasoned boneless pork patty slathered in BBQ sauce and topped with slivered onions and tart dill pickles, all on a homestyle bun” often comes and goes from the McDonald’s

menu. And its ephemeral nature seems to make it all the more popular.

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But, “with the McRib NFT, you’ll never again have to say goodbye to the sandwich you love,” McDonald’s said in a press release.

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For a chance to win one of the NFTs, (in short, certificates of ownership for digital assets) people have to retweet McDonald’s invitation tweet from their own public Twitter

account between Nov. 1 and Nov. 7. By Nov. 12, McDonald’s will choose 10 people to receive the “exclusive McRib NFT to add to their personal collection and enjoy even when it’s not on the menu.”

But there’s a catch: Winners will need to have a crypto wallet capable of transacting in Ethereum in order to receive their prize, contest rules state.

Some NFTs sell for millions, such as an NFT of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet selling for $2.9 million, or a 10-second digital collage from the artist Beeple that took 13 years to make selling for $69 million at auction. Some popular memes such as “Disaster Girl” and viral video stars like “David After Dentist” have also put NFTs of their viral images up for auction for thousands of dollars.

But the home of the “dollar menu” is also dishing its NFTs at a low price: the 10 McRib digital assets are valued at $20 each, according to the official rules of the sweepstakes.

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But the company does acknowledge that the “value of the McRib NFT can vary,” however, and this piece “may lose all of its value.” So don’t expect to get rich off of this investment.

In comparison, McDonald’s

shares are up 17% for the year so far.

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