Tips to stay safe from online fraud
Tips to stay safe from online fraud

Tips to stay safe from online fraud .In the upcoming festive season, online shopping platforms will offer huge discounts on many products, such as smartphones, gadgets, home appliances, and more. Previously, shopping meant going to the market, but with technology increasing day by day, shopping has become much easier. it can be done sitting at home. Not only your time but also money can be saved by shopping online with the help of offers. However, you must shop online only from trusted sources

Tips to stay safe from online fraud
Always check https secure lock. image web

From torn sarees to dummy mobile phones, shoppers are falling victim to an increasing number of online fraudsters and websites selling goods at low prices.

However, by paying attention, you could be saved from an online shopping scam. You should know how to deal with cybercriminals as they use various means, including cashback offers, discounts, and sales, to dupe you

Tips to stay safe from online fraud
Do you know how to stay safe online?

Following are Tips to stay safe from online fraud

Cash on delivery

Always look for a cash-on-delivery option while shopping online. The more you restrict yourself by making online payments, the more money lying in your bank will be safe. Additionally, record the video of the product while opening it so that if the product is faulty, you can use the video as proof. Also, if a fake product is delivered by mistake, then its refund can also be taken.

Check URL

The URLs of fake websites are always strange, and mistakes are easily found in them. It is visible in the browser’s address bar. There must be any grammatical errors in the URLs. always check https URL with lock .

Don’t save card details

People who prefer online shopping often save their debit or credit card details on the shopping site while making payments. Although your card details remain safe because no one can misuse your card without CVV or PIN, but as a precaution, avoid taking the risk of saving card details. You can buy anything online without your saving card details.