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What’s good Hamilton? A week of vegan delights

Gallery owner and foodie Laree Payne finds plenty of vegan delights in Hamilton.


I’m at my gallery on Saturdays, with an intern on duty, so I can pop across to Cream Eatery (14 Garden Pl) for lunch. I always get the Turkish pide sandwich with vegan mayonnaise, capsicum, cucumber, and falafel, and a couple of takeaway coffees.

While I was at work, my partner Liam picked up my best friend Sam at Hamilton Airport. She had flown from Christchurch. When I got home, we opened a good supermarket red, then walked to Hayes Common (33 Jellicoe Drive, Hamilton East). We had tofu bao buns, house-baked kūmara focaccia, miso-roasted eggplant, sichuan-style broccolini, and fries.

Gallery owner Laree Payne finds veganism no obstacle to eating well in the Waikato.


Gallery owner Laree Payne finds veganism no obstacle to eating well in the Waikato.


Sam, Liam and I climbed Mt Karioi, near Raglan. At the top, we had bananas, and Pico hazelnut milk chocolate from organic wholefoods store Whole Heart, in Queenwood Village.

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We usually eat afterwards at The Shack (19 Bow St), but it was just closing up. Instead, we discovered Raglan Artisan Bread (3b Wainui Rd). We had toasted fresh bread with herb Olivani. The carbohydrates were just what we were after.

At home, we made burgers with vegan patties (we use a few brands, but these were Beyond Meat) and salad, and drank the newly released plant-based chocolate milk by The Collective brand (available at the supermarket). Highly recommended.

Raglan Artisan Bread has everything you need for that carb fix.


Raglan Artisan Bread has everything you need for that carb fix.


Sam and I set off early as I was driving her over the Kaimai Range to see her family. I’m from Tauranga, so we had a few other places we wanted to visit.

At Mt Maunganui, we went to Gratitude Eatery (7 Prince Ave). We had skipped breakfast, so we were quite hungry. I had a marinated carrot bagel, and Sam had a quesadilla followed by their sweet take on a Twix bar, and we each had a green smoothie.

Liam is mostly the cook in our house, and we are vegan. For dinner, he made a really good tofu and spinach curry, with spinach from our vegetable garden.

Spinach brings a beautiful brightness to curries.


Spinach brings a beautiful brightness to curries.

He also makes a powerful spicy mapo tofu, a dish with sichuan peppers and fermented black beans. Liam put finely chopped portobellos in ours, and we ate it with rice and roasted pumpkin. We buy a lot of the ingredients for this at Green Patch in Claudelands (680 Grey St).


When we’re in work mode, Liam and I have a pretty tight routine. We start with toast at home in Hamilton East, then walk into the central city to work.

We nearly always head to Anne Fern Coffee Shop (19 Knox St, on the corner of Anglesea St), for two long blacks. We reconvene there for lunch at 1pm, to share a sweet (vegan cream cheese and jam) and savoury bagel (avocado, cucumber, tomato, pickle and a wedge of lemon). The best.

Occasionally, I give myself a break from the bagels and head to Kopi Cafe (29 Victoria St), a neighbouring business in The Riverbank Lane. Manjula makes excellent dahl and toast, which is the best thing on a cold day.


After work, we went to check out Last Place (54 Collingwood St), Hamilton’s new “dive bar”. We had some great vegan nachos with guacamole, beans, red onion, and coriander. We will be going back.


Duck Island Ice Cream’s Riverbank Lane shop is dangerously close to my gallery. I’m pretty good at not going there daily, but it has just released a great flavour that I had to try: chocolate, peppermint and marshmallow, made with Boring Oat Milk.

At home, we snacked on vegan Savour chipotle cheese with pickles and crackers. I get Savour cheese for my gallery openings, and people always comment on it. Quite a few dairy eaters are convinced that it’s dairy-based. It is available at Whole Heart, and Mostly Vegan (447 Grey St), in Hamilton East.


A new exhibition opened at my gallery. It is My Mother’s Hands, the beautiful work of Hamilton artist Rachel Hope Peary.

In normal, pre-Covid times, I would have had food and wine at the launch, but we kept it simple.

Rachel and I wore dresses by designer Penny Sage, from Riverbank Lane’s Found Store. The lane’s small businesses all like to support each other, and there is plenty to eat, drink, and enjoy there.

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